Our objective is to provide anodizing services, which meet our customer's contractual requirements.

To achieve this, Verdun Anodizing Inc. has established a quality management system in conjunction with other management functions, to control quality and detect non-conformances.

The quality policy and objectives are stated as follows:

It is the policy of Verdun Anodizing Inc. to provide reliable and defect-free anodizing services that conform to customers' requirements and deliver them on time at a competitive price. It is our basic operating philosophy to concentrate on prevention methods to make quality a way of life.
The quality policy and objectives of the organization are reviewed at the Management Review and are verified by reviewing non-conformances and corrective and preventive actions. Internal audits are conducted to verify whether the quality policy is understood throughout the organization.

 Finally, we have a well equiped laboratory to test and analyse samples and solutions as well. 


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